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EdgeVerve Systems Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys, is a global leader in developing digital platforms, empowering clients to unlock unlimited possibilities in their digital transformation journey towards becoming an AI-first connected enterprise. Our purpose is to inspire enterprises with the power of digital platforms, thereby enabling our clients to innovate on business models, drive game-changing efficiency, amplify human potential, and foster a connected ecosystem. Our comprehensive platform portfolio (PolarisEdgeAssistEdgeXtractEdge, and TradeEdge) across Automation, Document AI, and Supply Chain helps inspire global enterprises to bridge silos in people, processes, data, & technology, discover & automate processes, digitize & structure unstructured data, and unlock the power of the network by integrating value chain partners. With a deep-rooted entrepreneurial culture, EdgeVerve's innovations are helping global corporations across sectors such as financial services, insurance, retail, consumer and packaged goods, life sciences, manufacturing, telecom, utilities, and more. 

EdgeVerve. Possibilities Unlimited.

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Hyperdrive Agile

Hyperdrive is a global business transformation consultancy that helps organizations of all sizes—from the Fortune 100 to startups— improve operations and thrive. Through our industry-leading consulting, training, and staffing services, we help develop high-performing teams that execute organizational strategy and continuously improve. We've served as a partner and trusted advisor for PayPal, LinkedIn, Nike, Salesforce, Capital One, Prudential, USAA, Uber, Cisco, HP, BP, the US Department of Defense, and many others.

Software AG

To compete in today’s hyper-connected world, enterprises need a digital strategy that delivers continuous innovation and drives ongoing transformation. Software AG can help. We offer the industry’s best-fit business transformation software—a single platform that combines two market-leading products, ARIS and Alfabet. With the platform, organizations gain a complete set of collaborative business and IT design and planning capabilities.

ARIS helps enterprises design, analyze, share and improve processes as well as map customer journeys to optimize the customer experience. Companies also use ARIS to manage risks and compliance with regulations. Alfabet helps enterprises plan and invest wisely in their enterprise architectures, reducing transformational risks by understanding when, where, how and why to make changes in the IT portfolio.

Both ARIS and Alfabet are available in the cloud, so you can subscribe and quickly see the benefits. Free trial at

Software AG, celebrating its 50th year, has global headquarters in Germany, 10,000+ customers, and more than 4,700 employees in 70 countries. The company is also a market leader in integration and APIs as well as IoT and analytics software. Learn more at


iGrafx is the global leader in process intelligence and process management, helping deliver the business processes of the future, today. Our Process360 Live platform allows organizations to discover, design, and optimize their business processes to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations. More than 2,000 customers worldwide are realizing value with iGrafx.

Gagen MacDonald

Gagen MacDonald, a wholly owned subsidiary of APCO, is a strategy execution firm that specializes in business transformation, employee engagement, culture change and leadership development. Working collaboratively from the corporate office to the front line, we use an organization’s brand, culture, vision, and reputation to align and motivate employees, transforming companies and delivering business results. As pioneers in human-centered transformation, we are proud to have helped some of the world’s biggest brands improve business performance and become better places to work. For more information, please visit

SAP Signavio

SAP Signavio solutions help companies accelerate each phase of transformation projects, allowing them to prepare faster, deploy faster, and realize continuous value. As a market leader in business process transformation, customers look to us to provide clarity and guidance on how to improve business operations, processes, and outcomes. Our unique portfolio of solutions, methodologies, content, and data are designed to help customers create a culture of collaborative, data-driven, and ongoing process improvement. SAP Signavio Business Process Transformation Suite is built to strengthen collaboration across business and IT, connect business strategy to daily operations, and create adaptable and sustainable businesses.

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At ActiveOps, we believe the ability to make every decision – the right decision, at the right time, will transform operations. Our blend of AI and human intelligence delivers the most complete and useful set of predictive and prescriptive insight to help service operations make better decisions – faster.  Service Operations has been in our DNA for 20 years.

Our AI-powered SaaS solutions are underpinned by 15+ years of operational data and our AOM methodology that’s proven to drive cross department decision-making.    We call this Decision Intelligence for Service Operations – and we are dedicated to the needs of banking, insurance, BPS and healthcare organizations, globally.   

With Decision Intelligence, our customers deliver MORE - release 20%+ capacity within the first 12 months and boost productivity by 30%+ leading to MORE business impact. In fact, customer turnaround times are improved substantially, costs are reduced, SLAs are met, and employees are happier and more engaged.   

Discover how ActiveOps can help you do more. Visit

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Roboyo is the world’s largest hyperautomation professional services company, with a presence in 24 cities, across 15 countries and 4 continents. Established in 2015, Roboyo serves an elite clientele, including numerous Fortune 500 enterprises. With a holistic customer-centric approach encompassing strategic consultation and a comprehensive suite of AI-powered technologies, Roboyo equips businesses to unlock automation’s full potential. From end-to-end automation to process mining models, conversational and generative AI, and low-code applications, Roboyo drives value optimization while enhancing both employee and customer experiences.

For more information visit:

Scheer Americas

We are the experts in building and applying process management capabilities to deliver the right performance and appropriate digitalization. While delivering immediate value through rapid improvement we develop a lasting process management discipline for our clients, leveraging modern process modeling and mining tools as well as agile process governance. We align business and IT to realize effective processes. Our long-year partnerships with leading process management software vendors, such as SAP Signavio or Software AG (ARIS), enable innovative and pragmatic solutions, including the migration between tools. Our approaches have been proven in over 1200 successful projects and our thought leadership is documented in books and articles



Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, CallMiner delivers the industry’s most comprehensive platform to analyze omnichannel customer interactions at scale, allowing organizations to interpret sentiment and identify patterns to reveal deep understanding from every conversation. By connecting the dots between insights and action, CallMiner enables companies to identify areas of opportunity to drive business improvement, growth and transformational change more effectively than ever before. CallMiner is trusted by the world’s leading organizations across retail, financial services, healthcare and insurance, travel and hospitality, and more. CallMiner is the global leader in conversation analytics to drive business performance improvement.


From the smallest Capex request to the largest capital project, Finario’s capital planning & portfolio strategy solutions give finance and operations teams exactly what they need: the data, insight and control necessary to more actively, accurately and strategically make capital project choices that enhance long-term growth and profitability while driving higher shareholder returns. Trusted by leading enterprises globally, our cloud platform provides a single-source of truth for Capex, to inspire sound decision making and empower organizations to take a more “activist” approach to managing their capital.


HalfSerious is your innovative partner at the intersection of creativity and technology. We specialize in artificial intelligence implementation, strategic product design, and development.Our mission? To improve human experiences using advanced AI and software, speeding up your digital growth. As your reliable partner, we leverage our expertise in AI to craft custom solutions that address complex business challenges.Our vision? We're all about boosting performance and giving you an edge through constant innovation. Our belief is simple: we can reset the standards by merging creative design with technological excellence. Visit us at:

KPI Fire Inc.


KPI Fire is the only cloud based enterprise solution for managing the 3 key elements of Strategy Deployment. 

  • KPI Fire makes your strategic plan visual and easy for everyone to understand.
  • Everyone at KPI Fire is passionate about one thing, helping companies execute their strategy.
  • We engage and align people around common goals.

Because each company’s strategy is unique, KPI Fire provides a customizable platform for communicating these 3 elements of strategy deployment. To learn more about how we help companies like yours align and execute their strategic plan, give us a call at 855-957-4347 or request a demo.

KPI Fire a fast growing SaaS company based in Salt Lake City, Utah with partners in South America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. Our clients include large enterprise companies serious about achieving their ambitious goals like Yahoo!, Consumer Reports, Steiner Electric, Plexus, Washburn University and other companies just like yours.

Our goal is to help you create a results focused culture of excellence in your company.

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Established in 2005, PRIME BPM is a leading Business Process Management organisation, empowering clients across industries on their journey towards operational excellence. Our portfolio, including PRIME BPM Software, BPM Training, and Fixed Cost Process Mapping Service, is engineered to meet the full spectrum of process management and improvement needs, ensuring maximum results. Our cloud-based Business Process Management Software is designed to cater to both business users and seasoned process experts to work collaboratively towards achieving organisational goals. 

At PRIME BPM, we live by our brand promise, 'We are fanatical about Customer Success', ensuring that we understand your unique challenges and deliver successful outcomes. With 250+ successful BPM deployments and training for over 7000+ BPM professionals, we have a proven track record for fostering a culture of continuous improvement, enhancing efficiency, and driving transformative growth across various industries. PRIME BPM has been instrumental in the operational excellence and transformational journeys of industry leaders such as Pfizer, Airbus, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Flight Centre and many others.

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TeamTracks helps you setup your custom processes and data to track recurring operations that use manual steps or homegrown software because existing systems don’t follow the workflows and capture the full data you need - such as: RMAs, product service/repair management, quality issue management, defect material management, procurement management, asset management, complex sales, etc.  

TeamTracks tracks your custom operations with full custom data, views, workflows, automations, reporting, and customer portals. 

Totally configurable and extendable with no-coding needed, line-of-business teams use TeamTracks to quickly define their unique processes to track and handle ongoing operations.  
If you can’t track it, you can’t improve it. 

Visit us at 


Unlock the potential of outsourcing in South Europe with SouthEU BPO Solutions. We specialize in providing customized and adaptable solutions, offering competitive pricing alongside access to a vast network of skilled professionals.

Embrace the European allure as we seamlessly integrate talented experts into your team. From tailored services to scalability, we empower your business with efficiency and charm.

Experience the difference with SouthEU BPO Solutions.

Visit our website for more information:

SS&C | Blue Prism

Our global business landscape is more fast-paced and unpredictable than ever. Competitive advantage will go to those who optimize technology to approach work holistically and navigate obstacles faster to improve experiences for people. SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform connects people and digital workers so organizations can use the right resource, every time, for the best customer and business outcomes. Our enterprise software transforms journeys for customers and employees by connecting work at every level. Backed by two decades of industry experience, SS&C Blue Prism aims to exceed customer expectations by helping them accelerate growth and gain a competitive advantage.

For more information visit:

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If your organization needs an innovative and proven way to operationalize its OPEX strategy – such as everyone a competent problem solver – meet OpusWorks®.

If it is a priority to scale your continuous improvement initiative rapidly, simply, and consistently, learn about the integrated OpusWorks system for capability building, project execution, and deployment automation. 

If you aspire to transform culture, wisely leverage technology, and effectively involve leaders, explore the OpusWorks solution set of modular e-Learning for ultimate flexibility, competency learning for right tier problem solving, blended learning for practitioner proficiency (GB -MBB), tracking tools for best-practices activity and project performance, and portal administration so you eliminate inherent waste, enable consistency at scale and make it possible for data-driven decision-making. 

For over 31 years, OpusWorks has helped organizations – large (Cargill, Caterpillar, Cintas, US Air Force) and small —to maximize ROI from their OPEX investments.  We look forward to meeting you, learning about your initiative, and exploring possibilities while we are together at BTOES.

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Process Inventory Advisors

Process Inventory Advisors provides a comprehensive solution toorganizations seeking to streamline their operations and drive transformational change. Our proprietary Process Inventory framework, detailed in the book 'DigitalTransformation Success' integrates business architecture and process management principles into a unified model, standing out as the sole solution addressing all transformation challenges holistically within a single framework. The book is available on Amazon at:

We consider alignment as the key to transformation success, essential for navigating the complexities and chaos within organizations and directing resources toward transformational objectives. Our business-oriented framework achieves this by fostering clear accountability and providing transparent operational intelligence to drive innovation across the enterprise.We provide consulting and training services to help you stand up a robust process capability needed to address critical transformation needs such as strategy definition, change management, operational excellence, agile enterprise architecture, and risk management.