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Day 1 - Tuesday | Full-Day Workshops | 21st May 2024


Outside Meeting Rooms | Breakfast & Networking

DAY 2 - Wednesday | Pre-Summit Workshops & Keynotes | 22nd May 2024


Foyer outside meeting rooms | Breakfast & Networking

DAY 3 - Thursday | Main Summit | 23rd May 2024


Oceans Ballroom 1-6 I Breakfast & Networking I Meet our Sponsors & Exhibitors I Poster Presentations

Oceans Ballroom 1-6 I BTOES Exhibit Hall Open

Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | Chairperson's Welcome & Introduction to Keynote

Keynote | Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | Excellence & Innovation | Main Stage

BTOES: Preparing for the Future

  • José Pires
    CEO, Global Excellence & Innovation

Break into Summit Streams | Core Presentations

Oceans Ballroom 1-6 I Refreshment Break

Break into Summit Streams | Core Presentations

Oceans Ballroom 1-6 I Refreshment Break

Break into Summit Streams | Core Presentations

Awards After Party

BTOES - People

Aon | People

Work by Design

Frederick Herzberg famously said: "You can only do a good job if there is a good job to be done". But what makes a good job, and why should leaders care?

In this session, we will explore the power of work design to create intrinsically motivating work, resulting in improved employee engagement, productivity, and customer experience. Participants will learn how different aspects of work design shape the employees experience and how to incorporate these factors into designing effective organizations. Using several case studies, we will discuss how to put these ideas into practice, how to structure an effective change strategy and how to decide whether motivational work design might be an appropriate approach to tackle their unique organizational challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how job design impacts individual organization and organizational performance
  • Learn how to utilize work design principles to create intrinsically motivating work
  • Be able to evaluate whether work design is an appropriate intervention in their organizational context
  • Take Motivational Job satisfaction survey (MOJO) and see how motivating you experience your job

  • Thomas Bertels
    Operations Director

BTOES - Process

Johnson & Johnson | Process

Customer Experience is the strategic advantage

In the 30 minutes session, I will explain the CX Strategic Formula connected with Profitability.

This session has the main goal to be inspiring and provocative and to ignite leaders to make an impact on the people they are taking care of and how this drive financial results, and also HOW TO MEASURE.

The main goal is to convey the message of the importance of investing in Cultural Organization as a driving force to elevate Customer experience, having results consequently.

OKRS (Objectives and Key Results) is the way to measure results and I will explain ways to measure the impact of Culture Transformation and CX.

Culture: I will explain the difference between Vision, Mission, and Values, which nowadays are mistaken. Understanding these terms is a key element of Culture.

I will explain how to create a Purpose Driven Company and its importance and show how to drive Results using OKRS methodology.

Employee Engagement / Experience (EX):  When companies discuss EX, they always think of Campaigns/programs or benefits. But EX is beyond that. When you have a purpose-driven company, your employees are more engaged, which makes them the brand ambassadors of the organization. The purpose is a key element in driving ownership; as a consequence, your employees become your brand ambassadors,

Leadership: Nowadays, Servant Leadership is the new fashion term used in business. Ana will explore and provide examples of servant leadership.

  • Ana Flavia Cavagnoli
    Head of Business Transformation

BTOES - Process

Citi | Process

Scaling Excellence for Business Growth

Innovative ideas of creating value for the customer are driving disruption across industries. Business Transformation is to completely redefine how we solve the problem. To compete is to constantly transform and evolve from “Where we are” to ‘Where we want to be”. Transforming from traditional product focused businesses to creating ecosystems for business growth is the challenge.

When an organization masters the art of operational excellence in delivering its core values, how do we leverage it to our advantage, reflect, recognize, and spread the good? Achieving organizational vision is possible by strategically setting direction of scaling excellence and relentless passionate execution. It involves invoking emotion across the organization as an inclusive journey for growth, using technology as an enabler, and bringing structure and processes for excellence at scale. Cascading excellence and empowering change leaders to continuously improve processes, while integrating to the organizational culture will be effective in driving business growth.

Key Takeaways/ Learnings:

  • Excellence & Value Creation
  • Setting Direction of Scaling Excellence
  • Mindset for Visualization to Actualization
  • Organizational Alignment & Processes
  • Integrating Excellence & Business Growth

  • Kamal Mohanty
    Senior President

BTOES - Process

IBM | Process

The next generation “Headless Digital Transformation Platforms”

The Convergence of Business Transformation and Deep Tech innovation is paving the way for Automated, Autonomic and Audited Worlds. These new hyper converged worlds will deliver 100x economic value addition and will reduce Technical Debt by 10x. This will be driven by Emerging Technologies like AI, Low Code No Code and Multi Clouds. The Development Productivity and Job Opportunities will be huge which gives Business to scale up their Core Competencies and use Massive amount of Intelligence and Analytics across Converged Compute, Network and Storage workloads across Manufacturing, BFSI, Healthcare, Government, EdTech, Utilities, Ecom, TELCOM, Transportation and Retail

Over 50 Major Functions in an Enterprise will be in DIY, self-assist, self-explainable and automated development mode and can be programmed in near real time using Converged Infrastructure and Software thus providing for Enterprise Posture Management based on Complex Events

  • Sudin Baraokar
    Digital Transformation Advisor

BTOES - Process

Catalyst | Process

The Future of Operational Excellence - Thinking Beyond Traditional Problem Solving

Understanding that there are more than 4 Types of Problems (Art Smalley)

Use of cynefin framework to classify problems

Understanding that the type of problem informs the method needed to address the problem

Examples of how to apply the framework

  • Jason Schulist
    Vice President – Operational Excellence

BTOES - Process

Intuit | Process

Transforming your business is transforming your mindset; Key lessons in building a team that lifts the business.

  • Set the Goal – and be sure everyone knows it.

  • Change, blame, and the stickiness factor.

  • The right team will get you everywhere.

  • The dying art of ROI and the importance of accurate tracking of improvements.

  • Cynthia Long
    Change Leader Continuous Improvement

BTOES - Process

Amazon | Process

Emerging Technologies for Business Transformation & Operational Excellence

Information Coming Soon...

  • Xiaochen Zhang
    Global Head - Innovation

BTOES - Process

Amazon | Process

Embedding Enterprise-Wide Agility to Drive Resilience and Excellence

  • How can we “agility” into the core of every process and system of the organization?

  • How to drive global process standardization and integration

  • What are the best ways to manage scalability and forecasting for future uncertainty: how to maintain an agile approach to every area of operational performance?


  • Anu Pujji
    Principal of Operational Excellence and Transformation

BTOES - Process

Comet Group | Process

Operational Excellence beyond Manufacturing

  • It is quite common to misunderstand that Operations Excellence has to do with Manufacturing.

  • Important to know that it has to be applied to: R&D Execution, Customer Management, Quality Systems and more.

  • Financial management with focus on operations excellence can benefit in a big way.

  • Principals of Operations Excellence across multiple disciplines make companies great.

  • Shekhar Khandekar
    VP, Global Operational Excellence

BTOES - Process

Merck | Process

Portfolio Operations and Project Management Leader within the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • How I aspire to lead and grow organizations with vision and strategic focus, developing highly performing teams with energized leaders who work transparently and ethically, go the extra mile to ensure delivery to realistic and data-driven plans, collaborate with a sense of urgency to address unmet medical needs and bring innovation to patients and healthcare communities worldwide

  • As Ops SME how do we partner x-functionally managing multi-million dollar annual budgets map in with successful strategic initiatives generating project lifetime savings

  • How to balance learning new skills while delivering and creating a value-added rewarding work environment.

  • Victoria Preys
    Operational Excellence Expert

BTOES - Technology

GE Capital | Technology

Data Quality is one of the critical components in the Data Governance initiative

Data Quality is one of the critical components in the Data Governance initiative. It is an on-going process of improving the quality of data and the processes that are consuming this data. The main objective of the data quality process is deliver the clean data to the stakeholders so that they can take the right decisions.

As we all know, data is a new fuel and we also know we will not use bad grade fuel in our machines, similarly clean data is very critical to any organization and bad data should not be consumed. In fact the life of the data is more than the life of the fuel, fuel can be consumed once and we should be recycling the same fuel that was consumed for any other purpose as it can damage the machine. Data on the other hand can be re-consumed many times with different perspective.

* Overview of Data Governance & Data Quality

* Data Quality Management Framework

* Data Quality Maturity Level

* Proactive Data Quality in an Agile environment

* Detection of data anomalies and its remediation 

Data is at the heart of almost every modern enterprise. Information drives sales, enables customer insight and generates growth through repeat business. It is also an essential component of good customer service, with few organizations managing to offer a differentiated service without good data quality

  • Prakash Kewalramani
    Senior Director Data Governance

BTOES - Technology

FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency | Technology

What Successful Financial Services Brands do to Win Digital Customers

Customers today are living an increasingly digital lifestyle, and in order to resonate with them, brands must deliver increasingly sophisticated digital experiences.

In this talk, Wall Street Journal bestselling author Howard Tiersky will describe the key CX and strategy practices revealed in his book Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance that are helping major brands, including Financial Services brands, succeed with today's digital customers.

Tiersky has helped lead digital transformation efforts at major FS brands including JPMC, Morgan Stanley, Allstate, Transamerica, Moodys, Merrill Lynch and ADP, and his book was recently named by Forbes as “One of the 10 most important business books of 2021.”

In this talk, he will use examples from his decades of experience to provide takeaways CX and digital professionals can use to increase their success.


  • Discover how your brand can remain relevant in today’s fast-paced, post-pandemic era
  • Learn the five steps needed for a brand to succeed in digital transformation.
  • Visualize a comprehensive framework that you can use to help your company pivot its way to digital success
  • Learn why customers love the experiences that leading digital brands provide

  • Howard Tiersky
    CEO and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

BTOES - Technology

CME Group | Technology

The Rise to the Boardroom: Why Digital Transformation is a Key Business Imperative

Digital transformation is fundamentally altering the way all industries do business. From healthcare to manufacturing to software and retail, customer expectations are changing, and business models are being upended, and the pace at which technology advances demands unprecedented agility from management teams. Formulating a thoughtful digital strategy and roadmap allows for new ways to reach and serve customers and drive greater operational efficiency, leading to the North Star of delightful customer experiences and maximized asset utilization.

Putting such strategies into effect can be particularly challenging. Numerous hurdles to success must be overcome. I will dive into the key characteristics of digital maturity that correlate most to financial performance.

  • Anish Sharan
    Head of Digital Transformation

DAY 4 - Friday | Main Summit | 24th May 2024


Oceans Ballroom 1-6 I Breakfast & Networking I Meet our Sponsors & Exhibitors I Poster Presentations

Oceans Ballroom 1-6 I BTOES Exhibit Hall Open

Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | Chairperson's Recap, Welcome & Introduction to Keynote

Main Stage Keynote | AON

Keynote | Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | AON | Main Stage

Workforce of the Future, (Aon's Journey in Smart Working)

Coming soon

  • Steven Goldenberg
    Global COO, Commercial Risk

Keynote | Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | Dr. Lars Reinkemeyer | Main Stage

From Process Mining to Intelligent Process Execution

Executives face even more transformation and operational challenges as the world emerges from the pandemic. Before organizations can execute processes at full capacity, businesses must understand actual process flows and effectively act on any process inefficiency.

Having a full picture of how processes influence each other across all systems, departments and suppliers is the starting point for successful process execution management and digital transformation. 

 Lars Reinkemeyer, VP of Customer Transformation at Celonis and author of the book Process Mining in Action", will detail how companies can go from Process Mining to unlocking execution capacity, and performing at full potential. During his talk, he will:

  • Share operational examples of successful Process Mining use cases, based on Siemens’ journey from Process Mining to Execution Management
  • Reflect on the importance of the right Operating Model, setting up a Center of Excellence and Change Management to drive transformation
  • Illustrate value frameworks and define how to identify, frame and realize value with a proven methodology

  • Dr. Lars Reinkemeyer
    VP Customer Transformation

Oceans Ballroom 1-6 | Refreshment Break

Main Stage Keynote | Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | Technology Test Drive Demonstrations

Keynote | Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | Technology Demonstrations | Main Stage

Technology Test Drive Demonstrations

Technology-based showcases in the leading technology domain like AI, Big data, IoT, Blockchain for Operational Excellence

Hear from the companies listed below, who will be delivering ‘high-octane’ demo's on the very latest technology and solutions. Explore some of the latest tech from industry-leading solution providers on the Main Stage. See what each product and solution can do to help your organization along on your Operational Excellence journey.

Technology Presentations From:


Signavio is the next generation of Business Process Management (BPM) trusted by over 1,250 companies worldwide. Signavio Business Transformation Suite is a modern solution designed to leverage the interfaces, devices, and working practices of today with the future of your business in mind. The suite consists of three distinct products, Process Manager, Workflow Accelerator, and Process Intelligence, in addition to the Collaboration Hub, which integrates with each product and creates a single source of truth. Managing processes, automating workflows, and analyzing process-related data has never been easier.

Come by the Signavio booth during the Technology Test Drive to see how we can help you with all of your Business Transformation needs!

Lightyear AI

Lightyear's software allows businesses to buy and manage their network services across more than 1,000 service providers globally (internet, WAN, data center, voice / phone) on a ridiculously easy-to-use online platform. With Lightyear you can configure services, get quotes, pick vendors, sign contracts, monitor implementations, handle renewal shopping, and manage your entire network inventory in one vendor-neutral platform.

Hundreds of enterprise users trust Lightyear with all of their network procurement needs, including those at StockX, Palo Alto Networks, Element Solutions, Roadrunner Transportation, Lime, Campus Apartments, Louis Vuitton and Curology as well as many ISPs themselves. 

Visit Lightyear Now!

Oceans Ballroom 1-6 | Refreshment Break

Oceans Ballroom 1-6 | 60 Minute Topic Specific Roundtable Sessions

Oceans Ballroom 1-6 | Discussion Session | Special Events - BTOES Exhibit Hall

Interactive Roundtable Discussion Sessions

Join a 1 hour interactive roundtable table discussion on a topic of interest, led by members of the speaking faculty. With 25 to choose from, its your opportunity to focus in on specific outcomes or zoom out for discussions around tackling bigger picture challenges.


  • How will the global pandemic shape the thinking and actions now and in the future?
  • Will intelligent automation kill off happy accidents... Is it always such a bad thing to make decisions intuitively?
  • Managing (or Weathering) Global Trends - How can we meaningfully prepare for unknowns?
  • How is the US/CHINA trade war affecting strategy and what can we do to build resilience? 


  • Managing changes in technology skillset demands
  • Programmatic improvement of emotional awareness in Leadership
  • Automating transformation governance

The Round Table topics with numbers are listed below:

RT1 Accelerating Transformation to XaaS (Anything as a Service) EconomyAnil Rai, GM/ MD - Advisory & Consulting, Wipro

RT2 SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME – Balancing Accelerated Growth with a Continuous Improvement Mindset, Ramya Venkataraman, Director, Continuous Improvement, Exact Sciences

RT3 Exploring the role of Organizational Competencies in Information Technology Outsourcing,  Dr Marlene Kolodziej, Vice President, Centralized Services, Ricoh

RT4 How to Accelerate Digital Transformation with Process Intelligence,  Avinash Misra, CEO & Co-Founder, Skan

RT5 Value Creation in Merger & Acquisition Integration. Tony Benedict, Partner, Omicron & President of the ABPMP

RT6 Scrum@Scale, the Organizational Operating system that Drives Operational Excellence. Avi Schneier, Principal Consultant, Scruminc

RT7 Process improvement – generating more value with process reengineering and automation, John Armstrong and Matt SpearsSenior Solutions Engineers,  Nintex

RT8 Creating the Foundation for Procurement Transformation Success, John Davis, CEO & Founder, AdaptOne

RT9 Supercharge your Culture by Engaging your Workforce, Proven Ideas to Drive Better ResultsMark Whitten, CEO, Spartanburg Steel Products

RT10 A Business Transformation Roadmap. Arnaud Rager, Vice President, Business Planning and Transformation, Bio-Rad

RT11 Resignations, Distruption and Remote Leadership, Oh My!, Dessalen Wood, Chief  People Officer, Thoughtexchange

RT12 Sustainability-Driven Digital Transformation. Gwen Murphy, CEO, Scertify

RT13 The Wheel of Sustainability - Engaging and empowering teams to esnure their solutions live on, Adam Lawrence, Managing Partner, Process Improvement Partners

RT14 Ready, Steady, Go - Let Your Work Flow, Peter Cardena, Senior Account Eexcutive, FireStart Inc.

RT15 3DThinking™ Going ‘inside the box’ to Manage Innovation and Transformation Shifts For Your Customers’ Experience, James Feldman, CEO, Shift Happens

RT16 Cultural Transformation to Build an Improvement and Innovation Ecosystem, Brou Gautier, Chief, USAF Improvement and Innovation Division, US Air Force

RT17 How a good DataOps framework can make your business more efficient, Emon Abtahi, Senior Solutions Engineer, MANTA 

RT18 How Noble Automation increases innovation, motivation & profit, Christopher Hodges, Intelligent Automation Leader

RT19 Digital Twin & Next Generation Enterprise, Rameshwar Balanagu, Head of Digital Automation | Enterprise Architecture, AVAYA

RT20  Dennis Thankachan, CEO & Co-Founder, Lightyear AI

RT21 Realizing ROI with a Holistic Automation Approach, Alan Hester, President, Nividous

RT22 Unleashing the Digital Twin to Accelerate Industry 4.0, Jim de Vries, Managing Partner EIG & Hosni Adra, CEO, CreateASoft

RT23 Next Generation OPEX. How to become more effective leading your organization towards transformational OPEX for lasting impact, Robert Stewart, CEO, OpusWorks

RT24 Workforce of the Future, (Aon's Journey in Smart Working), Steven Goldenberg, Global Strategy Officer, AON

RT25 From Process Mining to Intelligent Process Automation, Dr Lars Reinkemeyer, VP Customer Transformation, Celonis

How to Accelerate Digital Transformation   

                  with Process Intelligence 

  • Dessalen Wood
    Chief People Officer
  • Dr Marlene Kolodziej
    Vice President, Centralized Services
  • Jim de Vries
    Managing Partner
  • Alan Hester
  • Dr. Lars Reinkemeyer
    VP Customer Transformation
  • Steven Goldenberg
    Global COO, Commercial Risk
  • Tony Benedict
  • Matt Spears
    Senior Solutions Engineer
  • John Armstrong
    Senior Solutions Engineer
  • Dennis Thankachan
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Emon Abtahi
    Senior Solutions Engineer
  • James Feldman
    The Bright Idea Guy
  • Peter Cardena
    Senior Account Executive
  • Adam Lawrence
    Managing Partner
  • Avinash Misra
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • John R. Davis
    President, Founding Partner
  • Gwen Murphy
  • Avi Schneier
    Principal Consultant
  • Christopher Hodges
    Intelligent Automation Leader
  • Hosni Adra
    Director of Simulation and Process Improvement
  • Brou Gautier
    Chief, USAF Improvement and Innovation Division
  • Rob Stewart
  • Arnaud Rager
    Vice President, Business Planning and Transformation
  • Anil Rai
    GM/ MD - Advisory & Consulting - Process & Enterprise Transformation (Business Application Services
  • Ramya Venkataraman
    Director, Continuous Improvement

Oceans Ballroom 1-6 | Refreshment Break

Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | Awards Winners Panel Showcase

Awards Winners | Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | Panel Session | Main Stage

Award Winners Panel Showcase

Each of our award winners will deliver their top 3 Golden "How-to" Tips and take questions from the delegation.

  • José Pires
    CEO, Global Excellence & Innovation

Oceans Ballroom 1-6 | Lunch Break

Break into Summit Streams: Core Presentations

Main Stage Keynote | GenH2

Keynote | Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. | Main Stage

How Innovation and the Energy Economy is the New Future

coming soon

  • Cody Bateman
    Chief Executive Officer

Oceans Ballroom 1-6 | Refreshment Break

Break into Summit Streams: Core Presentations

Break into Summit Streams: Core Presentations

Main Stage Keynote 7-12 | Christopher Hodges

Keynote | Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | Chris Hodges | Main Stage

How Noble Automation increases innovation, motivation and profit

Intelligent automation and AI are arriving like waves at the beach, relentless and filled with opportunity and risk. Like surfers, we can position ourselves in the right place for a magnificent ride.  If we don’t, we may be crushed by the force of this incredible change.

The technology combines powerful tools that interpret written, visual, and auditory data, speed up processes, execute rules, and apply increasingly complicated reasoning to solve business problems with little ongoing human involvement - Both opportunity and risk.

We can make Intelligent Automation into Noble Automation by implementing it and sharing the benefits we create with all stakeholders. Noble Automation Now! is the assertion that robots, AI and Intelligent Automation can be applied for noble ends. Specifically, they can be used to bring out the best of us humans by removing drudgery, providing insights, and allowing us the time and energy to feel, think, empathize, connect, and solve problems—be human.

   Leadership takeaways:


  • How to use Noble automation to improve your business and team motivation
  • Where to start with Intelligent Automation projects
  • What can go wrong and ruin the project and your career
  • How to build an operating model that will work beyond on paper 
  • How to make humans into heroes - including you!


Like all great movements in history, successful transformation relies on a sense of purpose, empowered change agents and the voice of leaders to start the movement and create a ripple effect, one person at a time.  


Creating a movement and doing things differently can be initially uncomfortable. Throw in a pandemic and a global, almost overnight, shift to remote working, and matters can become even more challenging. How can you continue to drive progress, delivering the change required whilst operating at a distance from your leadership and operational teams? 


Nicola Hodson, Microsoft’s VP Change Governance and Landing will offer insights on: 


·         The integral role of a shared sense of purpose in achieving commonality and business success 


·         Using your organisation’s culture to drive a movement 


·         The importance of amending behaviour by tiny steps to reach the tipping point in transformation 


·         How a cascade of actions can ultimately lead to real and impactful culture change 


·         What you need to do to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone  


·         Tips and tools to maintaining your movement’s momentum  

  • Christopher Hodges
    Intelligent Automation Leader

Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | Chairman Announcement I Prizes & Awards

Prizes & Awards | Main Stage

Poster & Event App Leaderboard Attendee Winners Announced and Prizes Handed Out

All prize winners must be present to be awarded a prize. We cannot ship prizes if attendees are not present. 

Oceans Ballroom 7-12 | Chairperson's Final Conclusion

Main Stage | BTOES 2020 Key Takeaways | Main Stage

Closing remarks

  • José Pires
    CEO, Global Excellence & Innovation

Additional information