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CoronaVirus - COVID-19 Statement

Proqis Update on the Coronavirus


We hope you, your families, and your colleagues and their families are all safe and well.  

As you know, due to the unprecedented global impact of the pandemic Covid-19, and its serious health and safety implications, we were forced to postpone BTOES. As per our Terms & Conditions you have been issued with a 100% credit towards the rescheduled event. You do not need to take any action to receive this credit. This includes if you previously cancelled prior to us postponing. This also includes you, if are a Sponsor and/or Exhibitor.

Extended Credit

Your safety continues to be our primary concern, and we don’t want to put you at any unnecessary risk, so we have now extended your in-person event attendance credit, so you can decide to come back to BTOES in either 2021, 2022 or 2023. Also, if you wish you can transfer your credit to another person at any time. 

Terms & Conditions

This policy statement falls inline with our  Terms & Conditions as stated during the registration process.

For further details, please click here or view your original email confirmation/reciept with terms stated. 

In-Person BTOES New Date

The BTOES in-person conference will be rescheduled for August 23-27, 2021. We understand a number of conferences have been rescheduled from August 2020, but we do not believe that is putting safety first. We also note that Microsoft and Facebook have both postponed their in-person events to July 2021.

We fully understand that things will not go back to normal until either there are highly effective therapeutic interventions, rapid testing, potential herd immunity, or a vaccine deployed for the mass population, and until then any BTOES in-person conference will have strict checking, social distancing and hygiene standards in place. 

We are monitoring the key data on Covid-19, and will apply appropriate restrictions where required, and if we feel staging an in-person event can be brought forward to 2020, we will do so, or is not viable at the date scheduled, we will not hesitate to move it to a new safer date, and once again a 100% credit will still be valid until 2023. 

Virtual BTOES 

We are pleased to announce that we are launching Virtual BTOES on November 17-19 , 2020, which you can attend free of charge, and this will not affect your credit for the in-person BTOES conference. You can attend both. Further, If you can’t make certain sessions you still be able to access all recorded content OnDemand, and use the interaction tools.  We will also be holding the Award Program virtually, and winners will be shipped their trophies. Because this is a premium virtual conference, new attendees will pay $1995 to attend Virtual BTOES. 

Please note, launching Virtual BTOES is not just about putting on great content, which we are known for, which can be done through many platforms, but it is also very importantly about creating the right level of human touch, engagement and connections that a large-scale multitrack in-person event delivers. Emulating that as much as possible in a friction-free enclosed virtual environment. We are currently working with technology partners to emulate the in-person brand experience, presentative value, and human touch experience as much as possible.

We know that by not rushing to launch a virtual edition of the BTOES conference, we will also be able to deliver you exceptional content, aligned with real solutions based on the new normal. 

20 Niche Virtual Conferences, Peer-to-Peer Discussion Groups & MasterClasses 

From June 2020, we will be launching a series BTOES Virtual Conferences which will all be free of charge for you to attend

Please click here to see the forward schedule, currently the Virtual Conferences are up, and other products will be added as the research completes and they are developed. We want to ensure you have plenty of exceptional content and thought-exchange with your peers to help you navigate the current climate in a number of exceptional virtual formats. 

Your Input Is Very Important

To ensure the content we deliver you is addressing your most pressing challenges, please complete this short questionnaire to help us understand your challenges and also future trends you are facing in light of Covid-19.

Any questions please email 

We wish you continued good health and look forward to seeing you soon. 

The Entire BTOES Team