Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Summit & Industry Awards (BTOES 2020)

The Premier Cross-Industry Gathering of Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Industry Leaders & Senior-Executives.

Key Topics By Theme

General Session

  • The Forgotten Basics of Lean
  • Transforming your workforce through Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Make it Stick! Proven Best Practices to Create Lasting Improvement in Your Organization
  • A Balance of Intelligence, machine and human, for the future workplace
  • Changing to Win! and Quickly
  • Business behind The Magic Tour, Post Debrief/ Q&A back at Loews Portofino

Innovation Execution

  • Excellence & Innovation Acceleration
  • Driving Cultural and Strategic Transformation with Disruptive Co-Innovation
  • Creating a Culture of Quality and Innovation
  • Transformation, Operational Excellence & The Law Department of the Future
  • Launching a Process Innovation program for a cloud company
  • Florida Hospital Innovation Lab (FHIL) Tour Presentation
  • Florida Hospital Innovation Lab (FHIL) Tour

Strategy Execution

  • Process Based Leadership® - Tactical Processes for Sustainable Strategy Execution
  • Strategy to Execution - Blueprint for Competitve Advantage
  • Strategy Execution. Delivering The Innovative “Connected Truck” Program
  • Strategy and Execution: There are only two cases when strategy is not important, you have no competition or you don’t care if you lose
  • Todays's world and the missing elements of strategy, optimization, and innovation

Business Transformation

  • Design Thinking Creates work Class Leaders!
  • Say You Want a Revolution: Standing up an internal business transformation function in your organization
  • Targeting Value through Business Transformations
  • Change Management Practice. What needs to be done better to improve Business Transformation Outcomes?
  • Transforming Toward Impact: How the Social Sector is Evolving
  • Driving Business Transformation with lean/ Six Sigma
  • Enabling Business Transformation amidst Conflicting Organizational Mindsets
  • Transforming Organizational Capability and Performance Using CMMI V2.0
  • Shaping the energy industry with operational excellence – about our successful transformation from a traditional, fully integrated utility to a multisided innovative company.
  • Business transformation across industries, organization size, and maturity level
  • In-House Foundation (TLDP)

Culture Transformation

  • Mastering Change Management & Cultural Transformation
  • Innovation in Cultural Transformation for Rapidly Changing Organizations
  • Creating and sustaining great culture - key learnings
  • How is the Weather in your Kingdom? Key Learnings from 26 Years at Walt Disney World® Resort
  • Transformation in Global support Organizations
  • Think Like A County, Operate Like A Top Fortune 500 Company!
  • Building a Continuous Improvement Culture Organically
  • Using operational excellence to change the culture in the United States Postal Service
  • Creating a Winning Culture by Leading with Fundamentals
  • “I Accept The Challenge”: A Hybrid Engagement Model for Digital Transformation and Innovation in High Risk & Regulatory Environments (Shifting Culture and Mindset for the Next Industrial Revolution)
  • Process Based Leadership® - Business vs Culture | How to Win at Both
  • Maintaining a Lean Start- up Culture while Scaling to $150 Million in annual revenues
  • Magic In Action - key learnings from a 26-year career at the Walt Disney Company

Customer Experience Excellence

  • Leveraging Customer Journeys to Supercharge your Transformation and Excellence Initiatives.
  • Aligning Customer Experience with Operational Excellence
  • Improving Client Experience through a Cohesive Operational Excellence Strategy
  • Building Customer-Centric Metrics


  • Lean In Agile for Women - Enabling diversity, inclusion and adaptability
  • Transformational Leadership: The Practice of Human Connection
  • Deploying Lean Management for Top Executive Teams
  • Developing Executive Problem Solving Behaviors
  • Recognizing the “Heart of a Company”™
  • Leadership in Business Transformation and Operational Excellence
  • Prepare your Organization for Business Growth in Three Steps
  • Post Tour Debrief / Q&A back at the Loews Portofino

Process Optimization

  • How Lean Six Sigma brings science to the art of sales


  • The Impact of Agile Transformation on CBRE Business
  • How can agile software delivery and the associated organisational transformation it brings best be aligned with traditional lean and sigma continuous improvement efforts?
  • Age of Agile
  • Achievement of Enterprise Business Agility Transformation – People, Process and Technology (Cloud)

Operational Excellence

  • Operational Excellence in Your Office: How to Design Autonomous Value Stream Flow 
  • Deploying Blended Learning for Operational Excellence
  • Case Study - Building OpEx into Our Company’s DNA
  • Operational Excellence in a Digital World that focuses on Service
  • Improving Business Outcomes through the Application of Enterprise-wide Operational Excellence
  • Buying Companies in Bankruptcy and Distress


  • How Lean Six Sigma brings science to the art of sales
  • How to Develop Highly Effective Change Agents
  • Manufacturer Production Issues Are Rising, And So Is The Risk To Patient Care – The Mayo Clinic Story
  • Lean, Agile and Human Centered Design in Government- a Perspective from CMS
  • Accelerating A Global Deployment To The Next Level Of Performance
  • Leading Organizational Change with Real World Data: The Pharmaco Perspective
  • Supporting “DID” in Leadership: Diversity, Innovation, and Disruption
  • Age of Agile
  • Integrating Strategic Deployment and Daily Management systems to drive both Process and Culture Improvement in Healthcare
  • Scaling a Business Transformation Across a $1.5B Healthcare Construction Portfolio
  • The experts have left the building, now what? A journey of transformation and continuous improvement
  • Quality Improvement in an NHS Organisation, in the United Kingdom, building on multidisciplinary working and continuous improvement


  • Learn how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Can Dramatically Improve Order to Cash (OTC) and Procure to Pay (P2P)
  • Assess your Automation Center of Excellence
  • IBM TLDP - Creating the Next Generation of Change Agents
  • Achieving Performance Excellence Through a Systems Perspective... Lessons Learned on Drving Change Using Deming and Baldrige
  • Life After Six Sigma,Lean, and Agile: Announcing Master's in Business Transformation (MBT)
  • Processing Mining: Process Mapping for a Digitally Transformed World
  • Digital Enterprise Transformation Strategy: Technology Enablement + Process Simplification + Integrated Data Architecture
  • Progressing Your Competitive Advantage Through IBP & Advanced Analytics
  • End-to-end process optimization and robotics process automation (RPA): creating value from design to execution
  • Value-driven Digital Transformation – From Business Case to Operational Processes
  • The future of work with emerging technologies
  • Mastercard’s Journey to Value Creation with Automation
  • From Strategy to Operations: Building new business capabilities in record time


  • The Farmers Insurance Operational Excellence Journey
  • To Know Where You’re Going, You Must See What You’re Doing
  • RPA with LeSS: An Insurers Insight


  • Overcoming Workforce Challenges to Deliver the Desired Results
  • How Cummins Distribution is using Great Conversations to improve supervisor quality and drive employee engagement in frontline service operations roles
  • Culture Transformation in a Manufacturing Enterprise - Goodyear
  • PM@Siemens - Project Management Excellence
  • Manufacturing 4.0: Shiny Digital Objects