Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit (BTOES19)

The Largest Premier Cross-Industry Gathering of Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Industry Leaders & Senior-Executives.

Key Topics By Theme

General Session Takeaways

  • Learn how to transform your culture to be more innovative with NASA’s roadmap for the future
  • Discover how Walmart is building continuous improvement capabilities into the business, creating self-sustaining OpEx areas as they go.
  • Understand top management's key role for Toyota production system success
  • Harness digital strategy: Take your business to the next level
  • Discover techniques to easily solve your biggest future challenges
  • Gain a glimpse into the future with BMW's Operational Excellence ‘Vision’ for 2020
  • See how the lean experts at Bose Corporation are engaging leadership in the Bose Lean IT journey

Customer Experience Excellence

  • Understand how Operational Excellence is transforming the Customer Experience
  • Utilizing ‘Voice of the Customer’ with Operational Excellence to deliver superior levels of Customer Service
  • Learn how to drive growth through customer focus and data-driven decision-making
  • Learn how to improve operational throughput to provide an excellent patient experience
  • Shifting the Culture with Employee Learning: Training your Employees in OpEx & Performance Improvement

Strategy Execution

  • Learn to use Operational Excellence as a competitive advantage
  • Empowering your employees to select their own improvement projects that are aligned with strategy
  • Utilize strategy deployment to manage, foster & create value throughout your organization
  • Gain an understanding of transforming from a manufacturing to a services company, the Journey
  • Learn how to execute strategy through the development of an integrated management system that drives cultural & behavioural change
  • Learn how to link your business' core processes and process architecture with strategy
  • Maximise Strategy Execution in a Digital World

Innovation Execution

  • Learn all about new product innovation with OpEx, Lean & Agile  An Innovation Framework for Accelerating Organic Growth
  • Learn how to lead an end to end Business Transformation 
  • Learn how to sustain an Operational Excellence Innovation culture in your organization

Business Transformation

  • Access a holistic approach to Business Transformation – Learn where to start, what to pilot, & when to scale up
  • Create your own Business Transformation team to rapidly respond to market changes   
  • Harness Agile Business Transformation
  • Utilize corporate finance to successfully transform your business
  • Learn how to transform & improve sales with Operational Excellence & strategic planning

Operational Excellence

  • Take your Operational Excellence program to the next level
  • Transform your Global Business with a robust Operational Excellence Program. Balance the need for speed with the risk of failing
  • Learn how to support top line growth with Operational Excellence 
  • Discover the paths to avoid! Learn how to sink a business excellence project, with proven methodologies to ensure your failure
  • Improve client’s businesses by reducing inefficiencies & considerable costs with Operational Excellence
  • Predictive Modeling: Apply Operational Excellence methodologies in identifying meaningful data that yields results
  • Leverage Operational Excellence for successful acquisition focused on the client
  • Achieve enterprise excellence by 2020: Link KBIs and KPIs to deliver ideal business results
  • Learn how to engage with leadership with Operational Excellence through strategic alignment and visual management 
  • Identify and implement the right operational excellence tools that fit within your organization
  • Cut across corporate silos and become a cohesive unit using the Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness model
  • Understand the common symptoms & causes of failure in the bid to maintain a continuous improvement journey

Culture Transformation

  • Learn how to transform the culture: Create a Lean and Continuous Improvement culture in your existing business
  • Drive change from crisis through transformation
  • Learn how to create & sustain a Toyota-Style Lean Culture with examples from a large Hospital
  • Understand how to get to Business Excellence, by creating a high performing culture with OpEx
  • Delve into the critical role of Culture in Strategy Execution


  • Build a management operating system to accelerate your business
  • Master Lean leadership
  • Ensure that the executive board is bought in to sustain a successful OpEx program
  • Learn how to Embed & Sustain Change Management to Successfully Achieve the Strategy


  • Debunking the myths, explain how Operational Excellence fosters Innovation and Agility
  • Discover how to Link LEAN & Agile for successful new product development 
  • Understand how to create an Operational Excellence system that meets all stakeholder requirements
  • Learn how to achieve Agile Business Transformation using Operational Excellence tools & methodologies

Process Optimization

  • Successfully manage compliance with Operational Excellence and Process Automation
  • Identify efficiencies, productivity, quality, accuracy of processes for automation
  • Design and prepare for the business future with people, process & technology disruption
  • Gain Process Automation buy-in for successful implementation in your business