Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards (BTOES17)

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Key Industry Drivers

What's the Rationale for BTOES17?

The business environment is changing faster than at any time in history, and smart organizations know that their company’s competitive advantage today and in the future will come only by transforming their business from end to endfunction by function and process by process. 

Progressive executives in organizations around the world are rethinking how they go to market, sell to customers, and build their products etc. This event will uniquely explore how these executives in organizations across all key industries are rethinking, reshaping and adjusting the role of continuous improvement to prepare for this rapidly changing future. To transform businesses, achieve top line growth, and gain a competitive advantage.

They understand that Operational Excellence project teams and processes are best placed to created disciplined frameworks and lead these transformations.

These progressive executives & companies are looking more so to Operational Excellence to achieve top-line growth, and no longer just incremental process improvements at the operational level. They are aligning Operational Excellence teams at the strategy, value creation and customer experience level.

Studies have shown that in order to survive in today and tomorrow’s business world, those organizations that have the foresight and vision to plan for the future, while quickly adapting to customer needs and utilizing new technologies to achieve operational excellence will succeed in this ever changing world.

However, the problem within many organizations is Operational Excellence is stagnating.  Often relegated to side-shows rather than being the strategic weapon every CEO relishes. OpEx programs are stuck at the operational level or incremental improvement level, and are measuring themselves in counts of training, certifications and projects launched. Those measure activity. They do not measure progress.  The current emphasis for the profession needs to be on strategy, value creation and customer experience. This lack of substance andreal continuous improvement strategy to harness the true power of OpEx at the top-line level is entirely symptomatic of an eco-system in need of progressive leadership.

This event will show these executives & organizations a new path that can transform the business, have significant impact on the top-line, build competitive advantage, and essentially allow you to hit far harder and move far faster than your competitor.  

The future of OpEx is Speed & Impact. 

Our vision is for Operational Excellence to be viewed as a strategic weapon every CEO relishes.

Done well, Operational Excellence is now enabling end-to-end business transformation helping organizations to stay relevant in the rapidly changing landscape, through innovation, strategy execution, and being more operationally agile.

Most organizations and successful leaders have woken up to the need for business transformation. This event will help continuous improvement professionals, map out, plan and execute the strategy that will ensure that their business is innovative, agile, and providing superior customer experience.

This event is to help "nudge" the entire Operational Excellence profession onto this more productive path.

No other event covers in such depth, all the challenges and applications of Operational Excellence to reshape the organization to prepare for the future and drive growth in the ever-evolving landscape  

No other event has a dedicated track on cultural transformations or strategy execution or covers detail, better management systems, leadership thinking, & change management to move and engrain operational excellence at the strategy level, and makes it sustainable and system-wide.

This event is packed with progressive leaders, who will show you that when Operational Excellence is applied effectively, it will help your organization hit far harder, and move far faster than the competition, propelling top-line growth.